Storage of Files, Documents, Deeds and Wills

The Firm will retain all files and documents relating to a client’s case/s (other than any documents which are in the client’s possession or returned to the client) for no longer than two years from the conclusion of the Firm’s involvement in the matter/s.  Please note that the Firm is not able to store files and related documents indefinitely and, therefore, the Firm can destroy them after the aforesaid time.  The Firm will not destroy Documents, Deeds, Wills and the like which a client asks the Firm to deposit in our Deeds’ Store.

If a client asks the Firm to retrieve any files, Documents, Deeds, Wills and the like from storage, then there is a charge of £50 plus VAT at the prevailing rate (“the Administration Fee”), although the Firm will not normally charge that fee if it retrieves documents to enable the Firm to carry out further work for the client.  However, the Firm will charge for any work necessary to comply with instructions given by the client in connection with retrieved documents and the client will be notified separately as to the additional fees that become payable over and above  the Administration Fee.