Common reasons to consider equity release

We’ve helped hundreds of clients to secure an equity release plan that’s right for their individual circumstances based on advise provided by their financial advisor. There’s a wide array of different reasons and motivations to release equity from your property, including:

  • Paying off an existing mortgage
  • Paying off unsecured debts
  • Investing in home improvements and repairs
  • Securing funds for travelling
  • Supporting family and children
  • Supplementing retirement income

It’s also true that many household budgets have been hit hard in recent years, with families finding it more and more difficult to rely solely on savings and pensions. As such, releasing equity often proves a crucial solution for those looking to enjoy financial freedom in their later years.

Whatever the reason, our equity release solicitors will talk you through the next steps of the legal process.

Our schedule of costs and disbursements for equity release can be found here.

Why choose Keoghs?

Keoghs, Nicholls, Lindsell & Harris LLP has served the local community around Greater Manchester and Cheshire since 1733, making us one of the longest-serving law firms in the North of England. We have offices in Altrincham and Stockport, though we’re also happy to arrange an initial consultation at your home or wherever works best for you.

Senior member of our Equity Release team, Rebecca Faulkner  offers extensive experience in dealing with all matters relating to equity release. Our solicitors often work with financial advisors to keep everyone informed at each stage of the process to ensure the transaction runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We are a full-service residential property and conveyancing department, meaning we can also advise on porting an existing lifetime mortgage, repayments, purchases or dealing with other lender requirements.

If you’re looking to discuss your equity release options with an experienced solicitor, get in touch today using the phone number below or through our online contact form.

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