Our specialist solicitors will guide you through the process, which can include:

  1. Entering any necessary protective entry or search at the Probate Court in order to protect your position;
  2. Obtaining relevant evidence such as copies of the Will, medical notes, statements from relevant witnesses;
  3. Writing a detailed Letter of Claim setting out your case including, where appropriate, providing relevant documentary evidence, making reference to Alternative Dispute Resolution (such as mediation) and requesting confirmation that the Estate will not be distributed until the issues raised in the Letter of Claim are either resolved by agreement or by Court Order ;
  4. Reviewing and discussing with you the Letter of Response to the claim.

We’ve helped a variety of clients.


“My family was torn apart after the death of our mother. Her Will was not split evenly, causing me great distress. Keoghs helped me to get my rightful and fair share of my late mother’s estate, which I can then pass on to my children.”


“My friend’s estate was large and complex when he passed away. The executor which he named in the Will was not doing a good enough job and I was concerned about their integrity. Keoghs managed to step in and resolve matters professionally.”


“Having lost my final parent, I didn’t think things could get worse. But then my siblings took contents from the house which were not theirs. This was stressful for my entire family. Keoghs really saved matters for getting out of control and, although it ended in Court, I don’t know where I’d be without their help!”