Understanding commercial property

We provide solutions that are efficient, commercial and cost-effective. Our team has expertise in the following areas:

  • Leases
  • Conveyancing for sales and purchases
  • Residential development projects
  • Refinancing and lender securitisation
  • Acting for professional trustees in relation to SIPP property

The Commercial Property Team at Keoghs, Nicholls, Lindsell & Harris LLP are experienced in all aspects of Commercial leases including drafting and advising on implications of a proposed Lease, bringing a Lease to an end and any other legal issue arising from being party to a Lease.

Our service for landlords covers:

  • Dealing with tenants
  • Letting commercial property
  • Ending a lease

Our service for tenants covers:

  • Taking a lease
  • Ending a lease
  • Dealing with commercial landlords

Commercial property sales and purchases often reflect a significant investment for our clients and the team at Keoghs, Nicholls, Lindsell and Harris LLP appreciate this by ensuring their conveyancing is dealt with proactively and professionally at all times throughout the transaction.  We reduce the stress encountered by property developers by dealing efficiently with legal matters encountered during the development, from site acquisition to plot sales, to enable the developers to focus on what they do best.

Understanding commercial property finance

Commercial property finance is not an easy subject to broach in these more challenging times. But even in the current marketplace, funding is still possible but only with a well-defined business case and knowledge of all the funding options.

Your options for commercial property transactions will vary, but most projects are funded by one of the following:

  • Securing a bank loan
  • Private funding
  • Guaranteeing loans
  • Pension funding

Making the most of your property investment

If you have invested in property and you would like to make it more tax-efficient, a pension fund property investment could be the answer. We have the expertise to create the ideal solution.

Get pension funding working for you

Commercial or agricultural property in your pension scheme can be very tax-efficient and help minimise the risks in your property investment. Residential property is currently not included in the scope of SIPPs.

Whatever your issue, we can help

We hope that we have demonstrated the wide array of knowledge we have in our commercial property department. We have covered many subjects, but if there are matters we have not dealt with it does not mean we have not got the answers. Feel free to give us a call today, to discuss your unique situation.