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Case Study: Supporting an amputee following a car accident

Written by: Keoghs Solicitors

Date: 10th February 2015

Our Personal Injury team have accepted instructions from a 19-year-old man who has undergone an above knee amputation as a result of serious injuries sustained in a road traffic accident.

The case raises a number of complex issues including the psychological effects on our client of both the accident and his injuries, his future loss of earnings and his current ongoing treatment. Since accepting instructions, our solicitors have ensured our client will benefit from cutting edge prosthetics and have secured treatment from experienced specialist rehabilitation teams.

Our personal injury solicitors specialise in complex and high value cases including those involving amputation. In such cases our immediate focus is to obtain an early admission of liability from the Defendant’s insurers, who are thereafter asked to fund private treatment and rehabilitation. Often the treatments and prosthetics available privately are far more advanced than those currently available on the NHS.

Outcomes for clients in these cases must be sufficiently beneficial to both compensate them for their historic suffering and to put them in the best possible position for the rest of their lives. It is hugely important that such matters are left in the capable hands of specialists such as those on our team.

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