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Nicola Lloyd

Joined: 2023

Key Areas: Estate Planning, Inheritance Tax, LPA, Trusts, Wills & Probate

Describe yourself in five words?

Caring, loyal, determined, athletic, witty.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I like to help people and I love problem solving. I often ask my clients; what do you want to achieve and I’ll work out how to do it for you.

If you were not a lawyer, how would you earn a living?

Probably a netball coach or something similar.

Of what, in your life, are you most proud?

Apart from my daughters, it would be running a marathon and raising money for St Ann’s Hospice along the way.

How would you spend your perfect day?

Relaxing in the sun with my family, with some swimming, a netball match before dinner, some nice food and then dancing.

 How do you relax?

Running in the countryside or by water, either with a friend or listening to music. Followed by watching a box set, something mystery or medical related.

 What is the single most important thing that you want to do before you die?

Visit New Zealand!

What was the last song you listened to?

Dance the Night by Dua Lipa

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