Legal Aid Reform

Written by: Keoghs Solicitors

Date: 3rd June 2013

The Government has recently introduced drastic spending cuts to the Civil Legal Aid Scheme.  These cuts will hit the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. These are people who are socially and economically disadvantaged many of whom are disabled by reason of mental or physical impediment. They need help but simply cannot afford to pay for independent legal representation.

We are already seeing the effects of these cuts – in some cases we are having to turn away people who are in dire need of legal help.

We pride ourselves on offering professional legal services regardless of economic background or social status. We are deeply concerned that access to a fair and just legal system may disappear for those who need it most.

Please visit Save UK Justice and sign the petition if you wish to support the campaign to stop these legal aid cuts.

Coronavirus Update

The firm is still open but all staff are now working from home, wherever this is possible. However, and in view of the Government’s lockdown, we ask that you do not visit the office but simply make contact by telephone or email.


We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will try to keep you updated on any further developments. In the meantime, we thank you for your co-operation and hope that you, your family and friends remain safe and well at this very difficult time.


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