Making a Will is fundamental to ensuring that your wishes are carried out, after you die.

Our Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Solicitors can advise on all aspects of how to make or change a Will, appointing Executors, setting up Trusts and Trust Administration, Estate Planning and Administration, Probate Services, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Inheritance Tax.

At our offices in Altrincham, Stockport, Preston or Macclesfield, our experienced team of experts will provide reliable advice, support and will work in yours and your family’s best interests.


A Will enables you to choose who will inherit your estate, property and possessions and name individuals, whom you wish to administer your estate for you as your Executor or Executors.  Dying without a Will can lead to lenghty and distressing delays in the administration of your estate, with your wishes potentially not being carried out.  If Executors have not been named, then a family member or other interested person would have to petition the Court, to administer the estate. We can advise on all aspects of making or changing a Will.

Having a Will in place enables you to bequeath certain belongings or assets, to specific individuals.  For example ensuring that any  items of sentimental value are retained within the family.  Wills are particularly important for unmarried couples, as a Will ensures that your partner can be provided for after your death.   The laws of intestacy do not automatically take into account of a cohabitant, so having a Will ensures that your partner will be provided for after your death.  Unfortunately, it may be that you are thinking about contesting a Will; regardless of your personal needs, our highly experienced, competent and sympathetic team will provide an efficient, informed and comprehensive service to you.

Trusts and Guardianships;  a Trust is a flexible and effective way to make a gift or to give away assets on death.  A Trust can  be used to separate an asset, for example a property; one beneficiary could have the right to occupy a property for life, but then the property would pass to another beneficiary, after their death.   Trusts can also be used for a variety of reasons including tax mitigation or asset protection. Our team of experts can help you to set up a Trust, Trust Administration and the appointment of Guardians.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax; especially important for clients with estates exceeding £325,000. We can help you to identify ways to minimise the impact of Inheritance Tax.

Probate Services; administering a Will through Probate can be time consuming and complex. We understand the bereavement process and will support you through the probate process to minimise any stress and anxiety, at a very sad and difficult time.

Lasting Powers of Attorney; there are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney, although both can be created to enable someone to act on behalf of someone else. We can meet with you and discuss which would be most appropriate for you, or for a loved one.

Michael Sandler, Senior Partner, has practiced within this specialism for over 40 years. He has significant insight and practical knowledge of Wills, Probate, Trusts and Inheritance Tax Planning, and is supported by a committed team of fully qualified solicitors.