Disputed Wills: What are the rights of a long-term partner excluded from a will signed before their relationship?

Our Disputed Wills team have accepted instructions from a client whose late mother’s Estate is subject to a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

Our client is the sole beneficiary of her mother’s estate under a Will signed three years before her mother met her long term partner, with whom she spent the latter period of her life. The partner has not been provided for under the Will and has signalled his intent to bring a claim for reasonable financial provision.

The case gives rise to issues about the specific intentions of those who have passed away where they have made a Will, but for whatever reason have not changed it to include specific provision for those they have formed relationships with since.

As claims for reasonable provision from an estate must be brought within six months of the grant of probate, such matters can often feel overwhelming for beneficiaries at what is already a difficult time after the loss of a loved one.

It is important that independent legal advice is sought quickly and our expert team provide a sensitive and personal service to assist in what are often complex family disputes.

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Housing Law: Legal aid change may help tenants’ rights

During April 2013, the Government changed the law on housing legal aid, and in doing so, reduced the types of cases for which we can we can help. They did, however, also make a change which can sometimes assist our clients defend a possession claim on their home.

If a landlord is seeking possession of your home on grounds of nuisance and anti-social behavior and rely on previous convictions, these cannot be “spent convictions”.

A “spent conviction” is one where a person is deemed to be rehabilitated and this cannot be brought up in any other court action. The change in the law reduced the time frames for rehabilitation, meaning that convictions become “spent” sooner.

This has fallen under the radar for some landlords who are still trying to rely on “spent convictions” where they shouldn’t be.

If your landlord is seeking possession of your home and relying on any criminal conviction,  please contact one of our housing solicitors on 0161 928 9321 to see if we can help.


Personal injury team attempt to secure compensation for victim of road traffic accident

Our Personal Injury team have accepted instructions from a 19-year-old man who has undergone an above knee amputation as a result of serious injuries sustained in a road traffic accident.

The case raises a number of complex issues including the psychological effects on our client of both the accident and his injuries, his future loss of earnings and his current ongoing treatment. Since accepting instructions, our solicitors have ensured our client will benefit from cutting edge prosthetics and have secured treatment from experienced specialist rehabilitation teams.

Our Personal Injury team specialise in complex and high value cases including those involving amputation. In such cases our immediate focus is to obtain an early admission of liability from the Defendant’s insurers, who are thereafter asked to fund private treatment and rehabilitation. Often the treatments and prosthetics available privately are far more advanced than those currently available on the NHS.

Outcomes for clients in these cases must be sufficiently beneficial to both compensate them for their historic suffering and to put them in the best possible position for the rest of their lives. It is hugely important that such matters are left in the capable hands of specialists such as those on our team.

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Disputed Wills: Your rights as an unmarried cohabitee against deceased partner’s estate

Our Disputed Wills team have accepted instructions from a client whose long term partner recently passed away without leaving provision for her in his will.

Recent legislative changes mean the law has begun to reflect the realities of modern day life and allows unmarried cohabitees to bring claims for reasonable financial provision against their deceased partner’s estate.

Our client was financially dependent on her partner and, in addition to dealing with the emotional effects of his sad passing, she has been left without any meaningful form of income despite the estate being substantial.

Our expert team are now pursuing a claim against the estate under the provisions of the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

Claims for reasonable provision from an estate must be brought within six months of the grant of probate. Claimants must therefore act quickly – please telephone our specialist team on 0161 928 9321 for advice.


Keoghs Nicholls Lindsell & Harris Solicitors secure substantial settlement for elderly lady

Our Medical and Clinical Negligence team have obtained a substantial settlement for an elderly lady, who endured significant suffering after a swab was left in her abdomen during surgery.

As a result of the retained swab our client underwent a further operation. She also suffered profound side effects including infection, sepsis and urinary incontinence. The case raised complex issues surrounding causation and what suffering was caused by the first necessary operation and the second operation necessitated by the hospital’s failings.

Our Medical and Clinical Negligence team specialise in complex or high value cases. We provide an expert and personal service to sensitively assist clients who are enduring what is often one of the most difficult experiences of their lives.

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