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If you’ve had problems with disrepair  in your home and your landlord hasn’t sorted out or carried out the necessary repairs,  then you may be able to take legal action to get the necessary work done or to make a compensation claim for Disrepair.

Disrepair covers a range of issues, if your landlord has not maintained your rented property to the legally required standard then you may be able to bring  a disrepair claim. Some of thetypes of disrepair covered are detailed as follows:

  • Failure to maintain the exterior of the building properly. This can include walls, stairs, roofing and gutters, external doors and windows
  • Problems with kitchen and bathroom fittings such as sinks, baths, toilets, pipes and drains
  • Faulty or inadequate heating and hot water systems
  • Problems with chimneys or ventilation
  • Faulty or dangerous electrical wiring

Those are a few examples of issues that might constitute disrepair, however the list is by no means comprehensive so if you think you might have something to make a claim about give us a call and we will advise.

There is all kinds of support available including legal aid or “No Win No Fee” arrangements to ensure you don’t incur a financial burden – and of course any initial consultation is free of charge.

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You need to be sure you have a valid reason to take action.  We will advise you on this. If you have a repair issue that your landlord is obliged to remedy  and you have informed him of the issues AND given reasonable time for them to be fixed but your landlord has failed to act then you should contact our specialist housing solicitors.

If this still doesn’t solve the problem  and if the disrepair issue is serious enough we can help you make a claim for getting the repairs carried out and then claiming compensation. As well as specialist solicitors who are highly experienced in housing law we can also call upon panels of experts such as surveyors and doctors to help compile all the necessary evidence to support your case. Many people are surprised to learn that support such as Legal Aid is available in housing matters.

Here at Keoghs Nicholls Lindsell and Harris Solicitors we have highly experienced legal aid specialists who will advise you on your eligibility. If you don’t qualify for legal aid then we can offer what’s called a Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee).

Call our specialists now for advice. All initial advice is free and we will tell you exactly what options and what support is available to you – and help you get your housing issues resolved and that you receive any compensation that may be due.

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