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You may be surprised to learn that there are many solicitors up and down the country that specialise in housing law, in other words, acting for tenants and helping them  resolve issues within their rented homes.

At Keoghs Nicholls Lindsell and Harris we have a dedicated team of housing law specialist solicitors that can help you get issues within your home resolved, and who can help you gain compensation for any stress, loss or inconvenience suffered as a result.

Many of our clients suffer in silence not realising until they contact us that they have a case to bring – and what’s more they are often surprised that we can take on their case under Legal Aid, or on a“No Win, No Fee” basis – meaning there is a munch reduced  risk of their case resulting in a financial burden.

There are a couple of basic housing law rules to bear in mind before your case may be considered viable in terms of using the law to get issues resolved or to claim compensation. In any situation in which you have a problem with repairs within your home you must  first contact your landlord and report the problem to them and then you must allow  them reasonable time to carry out the necessary repairs.

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If you have done this and your landlord has not carried out the repairs then you may have a case to bring against the landlord to compel them to carry out the repairs.  You may also have a claim for compensation.

If you find yourself in this situation you should contact us for expert impartial advice. Any initial consultation would be free of charge. We will tell you if you have a valid case and outline the options available. It may be that we can help you contact the local housing authority to get them to impose an ‘Improvement Notice,’ which would compel your landlord to fix any issues within a given timeframe.

If that timeframe is not then adhered to we could then help you to take court action to get the issues resolved and to get compensation for the time you have been left suffering.

Remember, we may be able to offer Legal Aid or “No Win, No Fee.”Our housing law solicitors are highly experienced and some of the best in the North West, North Wales, North Staffordshire and Cheshire regions. So there is no need to suffer in silence, get in touch today and let us get the ball rolling on getting you the compensation you deserve.

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