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If you are a tenant in rented accommodation it’s important that you are able to feel comfortable and happy in your home, and that your landlord is fulfilling its obligations to provide safe and habitable premises and adhering to all the legal requirements regarding repairs.

Thankfully these days most landlords are aware of their responsibilities. In situations where a landlord has failed to fulfil its obligations however, it’s important that tenants are able to redress any issues and are aware of their rights – and specifically that they may be entitled to compensation.

When a landlord has failed to carry out essential repairs or improvements within a reasonable period of time, this failure may constitute ‘disrepair.’ Disrepair in your home can of course lead to stress, inconvenience and even in some cases safety implications or ill-health as well as loss of enjoyment of your home.

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Improvements are not the legal responsibility of your landlord. However, some examples of issues that can constitute disrepair are as follows :

  • Damaged windows or doors.
  • Damp – especially where it leads to damage to the structure of your home such as plasterwork .
  • Blocked drains or gutters.
  • Roof damage.
  • Defective heating or cooking facilities.
  • Water damage due to leaks or faulty water pipes.
  • Inadequate, defective or dangerous electrics – or inadequate electrical repairs.
  • Broken or defective kitchen or bathroom facilities or units.

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your tenancy AND you have previously informed your landlord or agent of the issue(s) AND have given reasonable time for the repairs or improvements to be carried out, then you may have grounds for a disrepair claim. You may be entitled to compensation and might qualify for legal aid or a Conditional Fee Agreement (Essentially, No Win, No Fee).

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