Our specialist debt advice solicitors understand that being in debt can be extremely stressful. The prospect of dealing with bailiffs, appearing in court and potential bankruptcy is nerve-wracking but unfortunately cannot be ignored.

Debt Advice

If you are struggling with debt, it is imperative that you access specialist debt / debt consolidation advice and support, as quickly as possible.

At Keoghs, Nicholls, Lindsell and Harris, our Debt Advice team will support you in managing debt and assist you with county court judgements otherwise known as CCJ’s, repossession, debt consolidation, debt repayment plans, individual voluntary arrangements or IVA’s and bankruptcy.

Key areas of concern where our Debt Advice team can help; include:

Debt Management, Debt Consolidation and Debt Repayment Plans

We will listen to your debt concerns and needs to produce a Debt Management Plan (DMP) including debt consolidation and repayment plans to provide the maximum protection available for you, your family and your business. In some cases we can assist you in writing off your debts.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

An IVA is a legally binding contract between you and your creditors, supervised by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

Bankruptcy advice; taking steps towards bankruptcy and filing for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy involves all of your assets being passed to the official receiver, who then decides how those assets will be used to pay off your debts. Filing for bankruptcy is a serious step and there may be an alternative course of action. As part of the process we will access all the options available to you, review your eligibility for bankruptcy and the potential to access credit in the future. If you believe that you should not have been made bankrupt in the first instance, we can assist you in completing an Annulment Application.


The threat of home repossession is one of the most stressful events that can happen to an individual or family. If you are a home-owner who is in mortgage arrears, have other debts secured on your home, or you have been served with court papers for repossession then please contact us for repossession advice and support.

By speaking to one of our debt advice specialist solicitors, you can identify all options available to you and your family, including mortgage payment plans, before it is too late.

County Court Judgements (CCJ)

Any unsecured debts that have not been paid under the terms set out in your original contract with an individual or business can potentially lead to a County Court Judgement or CCJ. There are a number of disadvantages to a CCJ as your credit rating will be affected in the future. If you do not pay the CCJ then you are liable for further action to be taken against you such as the debt being secured against your home, or having to deal with court bailiffs who will be able to seize your possessions.

Our Debt Advice solicitors help and support hundreds of people a year to take control of their finances and secure their financial futures. Led by Louise Murphy, the team offers specialist debt advice and support to individuals across the North West, via our offices in Stockport, Altrincham and Preston.

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