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A trust is a legal arrangement undertaken by a person, persons or a company whereby they control monies or assets which will be benefited from by one or more people.

The Trustee is the name given to the person/company in control, Property Assets is the term given to the monies/assets and the Beneficiary is the name given to those who will benefit from the Trust.

There are several reasons a Trust may be set up for someone, many children of wealthy parents receive payments from a Trust Fund when they reach adulthood for example. Sometimes a Trust may be put in place by a parent for a child who is disabled and unable to take care of themselves should the parent pass away or become incapable of taking care of the child due to old age or illness.

Whatever the reason for a Trust being set up, there can be instances where legal advice or action needs to be undertaken in relation to the terms and conditions of a Trust, especially if the person who arranged the Trust is deceased.

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Pursuing a Trust dispute can be a highly emotionally-charged time for the people involved which is why you should take the best legal advice on offer. We have been in the legal service for 280 years and have a team of experienced specialist solicitors on hand, to advise you and help answer any legal questions regarding disputes around a Trust that may be causing you concern.

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