Tenant and Tenancy Problems

Landlords could fall foul of new legislation if they fail to take note of Assured Shorthold Tenancies law

The Deregulation Act 2015 came into force on 26th March, 2015 and extended the necessity to protect deposits on Assured Shorthold Tenancies granted before April 2007, as well as, providing Landlords with an amnesty period to retrospectively protect any deposits that they held by 23rd June, 2015. So, if a Landlord took a deposit on […]

Housing Law: Legal aid change may help tenants’ rights

During April 2013, the Government changed the law on housing legal aid, and in doing so, reduced the types of cases for which we can we can help. They did, however, also make a change which can sometimes assist our clients defend a possession claim on their home. If a landlord is seeking possession of […]

Threatened with eviction due to anti-social behaviour?

Have you been threatened with eviction due to criminal or antisocial behaviour? Worried about being evicted and what will happen next? The first thing to do if you have been threatened with eviction due to anti-social behaviour is to get expert, professional advice.    Do not ignore it as you and your family could end up […]

Is your homes disrepair affecting your health and welfare?

Are there problems and issues that you have raised with your landlord which are waiting for a resolution? If the conditions in your housing association or privately rented home are bad, they could adversely affect your health and other members of the households’ health. They could also cause distress and a nuisance to your neighbours.  […]