Wills, Probate and Estate Planning; frequently asked questions

At Keoghs, Nicholls, Lindsell and Harris, our team are on hand to answer questions on all aspects of Wills, Probate and Estate Planning. Here are our currently most frequently asked questions:

Common Law Husband & Wife – Legal Misnomers and Common Misconceptions

Many people think that after living with their partner for a few years that they become “common law husband and wife” and that they have the same rights as married couples. However this is not the case and couples who cohabit do not have the same rights as married couples or civil partners. Keoghs SolicitorsMore […]

Divorce and separation; moving on advice

One of the questions people find themselves asking and seeking advice from a Family Law Specialist about after they separate is how they can move the other person out of the house. When a couple are separating, if the property is in joint names the other person can only be removed against their will in cases of quite extreme domestic violence. This will often need to have a physiological impact on the children or there needs to have been quite serious actual physical violence.  In those circumstances someone would apply to the Court for an Occupation Order.  The criteria or the benchmark is high and the Court will consider whether it is appropriate to exclude the perpetrator for a fixed period of time.