Contentious Probate in the News!

The Court of Appeal has awarded an estranged daughter the substantial sum of £164,000 from her late mother’s estate after contesting a will, in a decision that has garnered considerable press attention. The Court of Appeal’s decision has confirmed the rights and ability of children cut out of their parents’ wills to bring a claim […]

Delaying bringing a claim may mean you are too late to bring one at all

WHAT IS LIMITATION? The Limitation Act 1980 (“LA 1980”) imposes rules limiting the time in which legal action can be brought against another party. These are referred to as ‘Limitation Periods’. For instance, you may have suffered personal injury due to a fall at work.  From the date that you become aware of the negligence […]

Clinical or Medical negligence; do you have a legal claim?

When we need medical advice or treatment, we place our trust in medical experts. We usually get the right advice and treatment, but sadly, mistakes can be made and the consequences can be serious. Have you or someone you know been injured as the result of medical or dental treatment, which you believe fell below […]

Care Home Fees; don’t miss the 31st March 2013 deadline for reclaiming!

The deadline for reclaiming any care home fees paid between 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2013 will soon be here. Don’t forget the date: 31st March 2013. After that date you will only be able to claim back fees, paid for a maximum of six months. Something to bear in mind, is that if […]